Share Deal Transaction

Transactional advisory services. Share act and transfer registration of limited companies

The Studio Borrini Chartered Accountant Firm in Milan provides assistance and professional advice to the simplified disposal practices and transfer of shares of SRL with the inscription digital deed with the Agenzia delle Entrate and the Chamber of Commerce.

Services include all legal, tax and administrative acts with regard to the transfer of shares in a limited company entered into between the parties with a digital signature.



Art. 36, c. 1 bis, Legge n. 133/2008.
Art. 2470 c. 2.
Art. 16 c. 12 decies, Legge n. 2/2009.
Art. 31 c. 2 quater, Legge n. 340/2000.
Order of the Director of Agenzia delle Entrate 1 aprile 2009.

Transactional advisory services

Support and corporate analysis, statutory and contractual.


Agenzia Entrate:
Digital transmission of digital contract and payment of registration fees and stamp duty.

Chamber of Commerce:
Digital transmission and registration of the agreement in the Companies Register.
For more information, refer to the operation guide sold shares SRL.



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