The Chartered Accountant Firm Studio Borrini in Milan of the Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor Gianni Borrini Judicial Advisor for Company Evaluation lends accounting and tax assistance and advice on economic, business, corporate, financial statement analysis, tax, legal and financial issues.

Strudio Borrini offers integrated professional services for operational and strategic management in a synergistic collaboration with other national and international professional specialized consultants and group practices.

The integrated professional services of Borrini Studio are aimed at entrepreneurs and enterprises in the various forms of companies from SMEs to Large Enterprises, Banks, Local Authorities and Public Administration. The business sector is extended to the operational support of the self-employed, professional consultants, managers and company employees. In the private sector the Borrini Studio provides accounting assistance and organizational, economic, legal and financial advice providing professional coordinated economic and legal support.


Studio Borrini Accountant Milan in the enterprise, self-employed and individuals sectors performs professional services in collaboration with other specialized professional consultants and group practices, and processes management interventions in the interest and protection of organizational equilibrium, business, corporate, tax, and financial providing a coordinated economic and legal support.

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